We know how special it is to live the Cabin life! When you move into your Riverwood Cabin, you may be looking for inspiration on how to personalize the space and create your own peaceful oasis. Whether you want a place that is cozy and traditional or a bit more modern, there are so many options when it comes to cabin decor.

We rounded up 5 of our favorite Cabin Decor Ideas that would work in any home: 

Cabin Decor Faux Fur

Faux-Fur Rugs and Blankets

Nothing says cozy like a warm fuzzy blanket or rug. They also provide a rustic feel that highlights any cabin decor. Faux Rug | Faux-Fur Blankets

Cabin Decor, Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

If you are going to have blankets, you need to have some great throw pillows too. Whether you choose seasonal options, traditional or even tried and true plaid, they are the perfect compliment to any cabin decor. Mustard Print Mudcloth Pillow Cream Knit Pillow | Pillow w/ Tan Stripe

Rustic Containers

These containers whether new or vintage, add a nice vibe and provide a way to showcase flowers or even some branches. Textured Terra-Cotta Mud Vase | Enamelware Pitcher | Galvanized Planter

Logs, Sticks & Branches

Nothing says cabin vibes more than some logs, sticks and branches. Not only do these accentuate the natural beauty of a cabin but you also don’t have to buy anything.  You can take a walk around outside and see what you can find that will look beautiful in your home.

Coffee Mugs

If you are going to cozy up in your cabin, you are going to need some coffee (or hot chocolate) and for that you will need a mug AND who wants to sip from an ugly mug?  A great coffee mug CAN add to your cabin decor! The Mountains are Calling Mug | Black and White Mug

It doesn’t take much to add to the natural beauty of a cabin home.  Just a few simple accents can go a long way!  If you are looking for more cabin decor inspiration, check out our 11 Cabin Bedroom Decor Ideas.

What are some of your favorite cabin items listed here?  (Tell us in the comments)

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