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There are lots of options when it comes to vacations and many people find themselves considering a timeshare at some point.  While timeshares can offer predictability when it comes to a vacation destination, we believe that a Cabin is a much better investment.  


Here are 6 reasons we believe a Cabin is a better investment than a timeshare:


  1. Cabins Appreciate – Timeshares depreciate quickly.  Your cabin is a real-estate investment that will gain value over time.  Timeshares are lifestyle purchases that can be very difficult to get out of.
  2. Rental Income – When you purchase a Cabin, you have the option to rent it out during times that you are not using it, as an extra income stream.  This is a great way to create residual income.
  3. Flexibility – When you purchase a timeshare, it can be very difficult to schedule your time. You may be limited to a very specific time frame to use your share thus making it impossible to use every year.  Owning a Cabin offers flexibility to choose when and how often you get away, you can kick back and relax without any time restrictions.
  4. No Flat Maintenance Fees – Timeshares can charge upwards of $400 a year in maintenance fees. Cabins expenses are controlled by the owner and upkeep on the property can be expensed during tax time.
  5. More Personal – A Cabin is an investment that you can customize to your tastes.  You can customize this investment and choose decor that you love.  You get to create your own personal respite.
  6. Leave a Legacy – A Cabin purchase is more than a lifestyle purchase or real-estate investment, it is a legacy investment.  The memories you create in your cabin will be treasured by those you love long after you are gone.  A Cabin is a place where families can come to connect, unwind and create moments that live on in their hearts forever.


What are you waiting for?  A Cabin in a solid investment that benefits you more than just financially.  A Cabin is a place where you can create a lifetime of memories and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Vicky Reddish

About Vicky Reddish

Vicky joined the Riverwood Cabins team in 2017. As Marketing Coordinator, she executes marketing campaigns and strategies, primarily in the digital space. She loves creating and curating content and finding fun ways to engage customers on social media - and to do it as a "job" - it just doesn't get any better. She’s also an artist and loves taking photos. Vicky lives in the heart of Nashville with her husband, Michael.

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