When it comes to Riverwood Cabins, you have so many options.  We offer 85 floor plans and 5 different cabin models. We also have so many interior and exterior options that can make a big difference in your cabin style.  Here are 7 Options That Will Make a Big Difference in Your Cabin:

1. Siding


When you purchase a Riverwood Cabin, one of the first decisions you will need to make is what type of siding you will choose.  We offer 3 options when it comes to type of siding: Log Siding, Board and Batten, or LP Smartside Lap Siding. While all of the options are wonderful, you will get the opportunity to decide which one best fits your style and preference. 

2. Color


We offer 9 Color Options for the exterior of your cabin.  Each color offering been hand selected by our team to create beautiful cabins regardless which one you choose.

3. Roof Type


Another option that will make a big difference in your cabin is the roof.  We offer a metal roof in 5 color options or a traditional shingle roof in 5 additional color options.  

4. Cabinets


Our cabins come standard with pine cabinets but if you are interested in a different look, we offer upgrades to hickory or maple cabinets which can really change the look of your kitchen and bathrooms.

5. Flooring


We offer a vinyl plank flooring in 5 colors as a standard cabin option.  If you prefer hardwood floors, we also offer this as an upgrade in 5 colors.

6. Walls


If you prefer a traditional cabin style you will love our standard option with our clearcoat pine walls.  If you prefer a more modern or farmhouse type of style our white-washed nickel gap option is a perfect solution.

7. Cabin Corners


You can decide if you want a standard corner on your cabin or if you would like a more traditional cabin corner that can really add to the beauty of your home

Log Cabin Corners - Riverwood Cabins

Each decision you make for your cabin will make a big difference in the overall style and feel of your Riverwood Cabin. Please let us know if we can answer any questions or help you decide on which options best suit your needs.

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