New Cabin by Spring? Hop to it.

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In a few months, Winter will be over and you could be enjoying your new Cabin.


Whether you are dreaming of a Spring turkey hunt, canoe trips, Spring Break or watching the new growth come to life from your Riverwood porch, now is the time to get started to have your new cabin by Spring.

While the rest of the world is snapchatting and instagramming, you’ll be creating tangible memories, the kinds that will never go out of style.

Just imagine your very own hunting cabin – a place to relax after a day of turkey hunting. You’re walking down the trails with your son after he bagged his first gobbler, and around the corner you see your beautiful cabin waiting for you. The smell of sizzling bacon and fresh coffee gets stronger as you reminisce about the memories you just made. You sit down with the family for big breakfast and immediately begin to brag on your boy to the rest of the family.  It doesn’t get much better.  

Maybe you can’t wait to have your own little Spring Break getaway. You imagine the family gathered in your cabin playing board games, cooking dinner and laughing together on the front porch.  You adventure during the day and relax in your cabin at night.  

You could also be dreaming of a new cabin home.  A primary residence where you enjoy the cabin life 24/7.  We can help you make that dream a reality.  

 Let’s get started today so you can be enjoying your new cabin by Spring! 

The Homestead Cabin: Spacious. Inviting. Relaxed.

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Look Inside Our Favorite Homesteads


Come on in!  Take your shoes off and relax. That’s what you will want to do when you step up to the porch on a Riverwood Homestead Cabin.

The Homestead features an open floor plan on the main floor, with a large shared living space. The kitchen, dining room, and family room create a large open space where your family and friends can relax and enjoy each other’s company. There’s also room for a large master suite on the main floor, creating a private refuge away from the rest of the house.

All that PLUS a large site-built porch out front that provides ample room for relaxing or entertaining and this is the stuff dreams are made of!

The Homestead is:

  • One-and-a-half story
  • One of our larger cabins
  • 2-5 bedrooms
  • 1,791-2,726 Square Feet

To learn more about The Homestead or to find pricing, check out this page.  We look forward to speaking with you and helping you Make Memories in your Homestead Cabin!


I am interested in a Homestead Cabin! Have someone contact me. 

Sportsman Cabin

6 Reasons Why a Cabin is a Better Investment Than a Timeshare

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Sportsman Cabin

There are lots of options when it comes to vacations and many people find themselves considering a timeshare at some point.  While timeshares can offer predictability when it comes to a vacation destination, we believe that a Cabin is a much better investment.  


Here are 7 reasons we believe a Cabin is a better investment than a timeshare:


  1. Cabins Appreciate – Timeshares depreciate quickly.  Your cabin is a real-estate investment that will gain value over time.  Timeshares are lifestyle purchases that can be very difficult to get out of.
  2. Rental Income – When you purchase a Cabin, you have the option to rent it out during times that you are not using it, as an extra income stream.  This is a great way to create residual income.
  3. Flexibility – When you purchase a timeshare, it can be very difficult to schedule your time. You may be limited to a very specific time frame to use your share thus making it impossible to use every year.  Owning a Cabin offers flexibility to choose when and how often you get away, you can kick back and relax without any time restrictions.
  4. No Flat Maintenance Fees – Timeshares can charge upwards of $400 a year in maintenance fees. Cabins expenses are controlled by the owner and upkeep on the property can be expensed during tax time.
  5. More Personal – A Cabin is an investment that you can customize to your tastes.  You can customize this investment and choose decor that you love.  You get to create your own personal respite.
  6. Leave a Legacy – A Cabin purchase is more than a lifestyle purchase or real-estate investment, it is a legacy investment.  The memories you create in your cabin will be treasured by those you love long after you are gone.  A Cabin is a place where families can come to connect, unwind and create moments that live on in their hearts forever.


What are you waiting for?  A Cabin in a solid investment that benefits you more than just financially.  A Cabin is a place where you can create a lifetime of memories and leave a legacy for generations to come.

29x52 Riverwood Cabin - Pre Built Cabins by Riverwood

Take a Look Inside Our Most Popular Cabin!

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The 29×52 Riverwood

Below is our new Riverwood Display Cabin at our Sales Center in Himrod, NY! It has 1,508 square feet with 3 BR and 2 Baths. Let’s take a look around…

3 Reasons It’s So Popular

What makes The Riverwood so popular you might ask? There are a number of features that could make this the modular, pre-built cabin of choice for so many Riverwood Cabin customers, but three things really stand out:

1. Style

The Riverwood is a ranch style cabin, which means it can fit into most building settings with ease. The reverse gable porch that extends out the front of the cabin adds style, and exterior living space. A lot of people like that the porch doesn’t cut into the floor plan, but instead adds a covered outdoor space they can enjoy with their families.

2. Price

The pricing for the Riverwood falls right in the middle of our range. It’s the Goldilocks cabin if you will . Not too big and costly, not too small or cheap… It’s just right! Pricing is attractive, and competitive with other styles of homes in this size.

3. Flexibility

There are several different floor plan options for the 29 x 52 Riverwood, so you can choose a floor plan that meets your needs exactly. A big spacious kitchen and dining area anchor the center of the cabin, and the bedrooms are at both ends, making for a perfect setting for entertaining guests or hosting your family.

Watch How We Install this Cabin!

This 29×52 Riverwood Cabin is built with LP Lap Siding, which makes it feel more like a traditional home!

Pricing and More Details

To learn more about The Riverwood or to find pricing, check out this page. To view pricing, scroll down the page to the pricing calculator. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you Make Memories!