Riverwood Cabins Advisor Brian Fisher Builds His Dream Cabin

“For years we had a dream of building a farmhouse in the country.”


“We wanted to be able to enjoy nature and wildlife in the backyard. In the summer of 2016, we found a beautiful property in Watertown, TN that was perfect. Now it just needed a house!

I had been an employee of Riverwood Cabins for 6 years at that point, and I loved the value and quality of our Cabins.

On a Christmas road trip to Pennsylvania, we drew up our ideal floor plan on a piece of notebook paper. My wife’s must haves were a large laundry room, farmhouse sink and lots of natural light. We loved being able to bring our own ideas to the design table. We submitted a photo of our floor plan to the design team and eagerly awaited the first draft. After a few floor plan edits and some recommendations from Riverwood’s designer and we had a winner!

In January of 2017, we applied for a construction loan with Riverwood Cabin’s preferred lender. It was such a smooth process! Soon after our bank approval, we applied for our septic and building permit. In February of 2017 I was thrilled to staple the building permit to a tree in our future front yard.

We so enjoyed watching a rocky overgrown field become our home. Within a matter of days, our excavator put in a nice curved driveway and the footers were formed for our foundation. Meanwhile, the team at Riverwood had started framing our home in the factory. It was so cool receiving pictures from the Riverwood team as our home went through the different stages of production.

Within a matter of weeks, our home site was ready. We now had a foundation, a septic system, and driveway.

We were so excited to see the trucks arrive carrying our home. The whole family and several neighbors watched as the crane lifted the modules of our home onto the foundation. Our dream was finally becoming a reality.

Over the next few weeks we watched as the incredible Riverwood Cabins crew finished our home and local contractors hooked up our utilities and HVAC. After receiving our certificate of occupancy, it was moving time!

On August 12th, 2017 we moved our family in to our dream home. It felt surreal to be sitting in the living room of our new home together. All of the dreaming and planning had paid off! We are extremely grateful to our friends at Riverwood for walking beside us through this whole process.

We have been in our cabin for a year now. It truly has become home. There have been many benefits to choosing a Riverwood home. We found this out after our first winter. After comparing electric/heat bills with a friend of ours we realized that we had saved $190 in one month due to the efficiency of our home. We have also enjoyed hearing people rant and rave about our home when they see it for the first time. We often pinch ourselves to see if this is all real. I am more excited than ever to have the privilege of selling these amazing homes. We are so very blessed.”

-The Fisher Clan

Take a Drone Tour

This winter, the Riverwood Cabins team filmed this cabin in on a crisp morning, and we loved catching the awesome sunrise over this beautiful farmhouse-inspired cabin the Fishers built!

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