Learn more about how to secure a building permit for the cabin of your dreams! We’ve helped hundreds of customers through the process, and we can help you!

Do I need to get a building permit for my cabin?

Some states and locales will require you to get a building permit for your cabin. Riverwood Cabins are Certified Modular Homes and are built to international building codes that surpass the local requirements. A quick phone call to your local zoning office will tell you if you need a building permit, and if so, what information you’ll need to provide to get your permit.

Call 1-855-5CABIN5 if you have any questions about the permit process. Prefab cabin experts are standing by to help out.

Some local zoning authorities will have very limited requirements, it may be as simple as filling out a brief form. Others zoning offices will be much more stringent in their requirements for your cabin building permit, possibly requiring several forms filled out, engineered plans submitted, and fees paid.

Checklist for getting your prefab cabin building permit.

  1. Call your local zoning office (a quick google search should turn up the phone number). They’ll give you a summary of the information required as well as the fees you will need to pay.
  2. Talk to your Riverwood Cabins Advisor. Call or email your Cabin Advisor and let them know what you learned at the zoning office.
  3. If you are required to submit standard drawings, Riverwood Cabins will forward those drawings to you at no charge, and help answer any questions you might have about the permit process.
  4. Stamped (Sealed) architectural drawings are required in some locales. If this is required, we can provide those as well. We ask for a $5,000 Non Refundable deposit on your cabin to get stamped drawings.
  5. Submit your drawings and permit packet to the local zoning office for approval. Remember that this may take a few weeks- depending on the pace at which the approval process moves at the local level.
  6. When they do approve and issue the permit, you’ll probably want to stop by the zoning office and pick up your permit.

Now that you have your cabin building permit you’re ready to proceed with placing a deposit on your Riverwood Cabin and lock in your place in line!