We are learning every day how fortunate we are to have a relationship with a lender that understands modular log home construction!

At first it seemed like a nice thing to offer to our customers, but it has proven to be much more valuable than that. Connect with our Preferred Lender

6 Benefits of Working with Our Preferred Lender

  1. They realize every customer has a unique situation.
  2. They specialize in construction lending and home mortgages specifically for prefab and modular log cabins.
  3. They personally know our team at Riverwood Cabins.
  4. They are friendly and care about serving our customers.
  5. They love to explain the lending process.
  6. They are willing to look at any deal and try to find a way to make it work.

Don’t Walk Away From Your Cabin Dreams Because of Lending

We have talked with several customers that found their initial communication with a local lender to be very discouraging. Some have even had such a discouraging first interaction that they walked away from their dream of owning a cabin!

Finding the right lender for your project is one of the most important steps in the cabin building process. We have made this process EASY and have spent a ton of time finding a lender that will serve you the same way we would.

4 Questions for You

Don’t you want a lender that…

  1. Understands construction loans, and more importantly modular construction?
  2. Wants to make things work for you, and isn’t just punching numbers into a screen?
  3. Has worked with Riverwood Cabins on hundreds of loans?
  4. Will treat you like a friend?

Yes! I’m Interested

Please Connect Me with Your Preferred Lender