We’re so glad you’re here. If you’re reading this, you’re seeing the very first blog post on RiverwoodCabins.com, and you may be wondering “What’s Riverwood Cabins?” or “who is Woodtex and how do they relate to Riverwood Cabins?” Well, you’re in the right place. Grab a glass of sweet tea, push back in your rocking chair and throw your feet up on the porch railing for a bit.

You’ve probably already read our story already, but let me fill you in. After the launch of Woodtex in 1983, customers kept asking for more than just sheds, garages, and barns. They wanted the same commitment to quality and great customer experience when they were shopping for a cabin as well.

To answer this growing customer request, Woodtex began building cabins in 2006. Demand increased, and cabins became a major part of the Woodtex business. Eventually new factories were built just for cabin production. On-site crews were hired full time to complete cabins after they were delivered. Sales advisors became specialized to cabins and gained unique product knowledge.

Launching a New Brand

An organization with a laser focus is always going to do a better job than an organization that is scattered. Knowing this, we knew that we could be even better at what we do if our cabin business became a separate business unit, and it’s own brand.

Everything get’s more effective: the executives leading the organization, production, sales, design, and delivery are all able to get really really good at prefab cabins if we launch cabins as it’s own brand. So that’s what we did.

Welcome to Riverwood Cabins, a Woodtex company.

You get the 33 years of experience behind Woodtex. You get our famous commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. You get our amazing customer experience. And you now get to deal with a company that is laser focused on being the best cabin company in the world. Riverwood Cabins. We’re passionate about building remarkable cabins where friends and family pursue their passions and make memories together.

At every level of our organization you have committed team members who are cabin experts. You’re going to have a fantastic experience. Welcome.


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Patrick loves working at Riverwood Cabins. He and his wife Mary June are blessed with four kids (two girls, and two boys)! Patrick is a family man who is passionate about faith, family, food, and friendships, and he loves to get away to the cabin several times each year.

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