leave-legacy-featured-imageTurning 40 a few months ago made me think about getting older. I know – 40 isn’t old by any stretch, but it’s a solid step towards middle age. It made me pause and reflect on my life – how I’m living now, and how I want to be remembered.

Perhaps another four or five decades await me here on this earth, so it might be a little early to be thinking about how I will be remembered, but it does my soul some good. It pulls me out of the hubbub of the here and now, and helps me take the long view.

Here at Riverwood Cabins, we’re really lucky to get to hear from folks like you who care so deeply about their families and friends and the memories they make together.

How do we leave a long-lasting legacy? Here are a few ways we can serve others and enjoy our lives while building a legacy we will be remembered by someday.


1) Pursue your passions

You’re at your best when you’re operating at the intersection of your natural talents and your passions. Don’t sell yourself short by shoving your passions to the back burner for too long. It’s easy to keep your head down in the daily grind and all of a sudden you look up and another decade has passed.

When you pursue your passions, it’s an invitation to those around you to join you. The energy is infectious!

You want your family and friends to know you as someone who lives abundantly.


2) Give generously

Find causes you love and support them generously. It’s a wonderful feeling to see others do great work in areas you’re passionate about and know that you helped enable that.

When you give generously of your time and your resources, it keeps your life from revolving around you, and blesses those around you.


3) Build an Integrated Life

If you’re just surviving until the weekend, you’re going to miss the joys of an integrated life. Part of leaving a great legacy is living a life of joy. With some planning and intention, you can live a life that you don’t need a vacation from.

Our customers inspire all of us when they tell me about how they sold their house in the suburbs, and finally put a cabin on a plot of land that lets them pursue their passions while putting a roof over their heads and meeting their obligations at work. They can live in their cabin, continue to work, and yet pursue their hobbies and passions simply by walking out the front door.


4) Live for Others

Living a life that others will remember fondly takes sacrifice and service. If we’re all wrapped up in reaching our own goals, and making ourselves happy, we’re not going to like the legacy we leave.

Making sacrifices now lets us help our kids and grandkids make memories and live passionately. We get to show them by example how to check a trapline, shoot a rifle, and gut a fish.


5) Don’t Ever Stop

Many times people make changes late in life that dramatically alter their legacy. At 65, 70 or 75, it’s not too late to change, and become more like the person you want to be remembered as.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is always time to put these principles into action. Be relentless in your pursuit of living a life that enriches others, and make sacrifices to spend time with those you love.

In the end, I suppose, there is no magic elixir to what creates a great legacy. It’s built one day at a time, living life the right way.


About Patrick

Patrick loves working at Riverwood Cabins. He and his wife Mary June are blessed with four kids (two girls, and two boys)! Patrick is a family man who is passionate about faith, family, food, and friendships, and he loves to get away to the cabin several times each year.

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