What’s the cabin life? 
It feels like the world has a way of keeping us grinding. Must have this, gotta buy that. Endless, mindless consumption designed to keep our nose to the grindstone.

Beeping, flashing, buzzing, and ringing, the world demands our attention in a million different ways.

Here at Riverwood Cabins, we invite you out of the mad rush. Let’s slow down and learn more about this cabin life, together.

The cabin life is not just a place. It’s a state of mind. A lifestyle. A set of values.

Our customers are the best examples of this. They inspire us. As I reflect on the way our customer’s lifestyles shift to a quieter more peaceful place, I’m humbled to get to be a part of that story.

Recently, a happy customer named Jim emailed me, and told me a bit about his own journey to a more peaceful place.

“When we first bought our cabin, we were living in CA, so it was to be a summer home for 6 months of the year. And we enjoyed coming back to NY for the summer. We are both retired, and have moved back to NY this year, and now live permanently in our cabin. We have 80 acres and a great view overlooking the valley, it is peaceful and we can’t see our closest neighbors. We have a covered porch that we enjoy at coffee time in the morning and dinner time in the evenings. Buying a Woodtex cabin is one of the best decisions we have ever made.”

That’s one of the beautiful things about the cabin life. You may not be able to go all in right away. You might only be able to live the cabin life for one weekend a month, or one week every few months. But it seeps into every part of your life. Rather than having eyes glazed over by constantly staring at a screen, your eyes become opened to the natural wonder all around. Your senses become more finely tuned to the smells of honeysuckle and campfires, and less tuned to the smell of exhaust fumes and fast food.

Living the cabin life - sitting by the bonfire, enjoying wine

Adopting the Cabin Life Mindset

Whether you intend to build a cabin this year, or are just in the dreaming and planning stages, I’d like to ask you to join us as we explore this cabin lifestyle. Subscribe to our email newsletter, and connect with us on Facebook and we’ll do our best to share with you what we’re learning.

Another way you can be a part of this journey is to email us back, and let us know what part of the cabin life is most appealing to you. We would all love to hear from you, and promise to read every email.

A vinyl wrapped house in the suburbs is a fine place to raise a family. But I’ve tasted enough of the cabin life to know there is more out there.

Come along as we all learn more about what it means to live the cabin life.


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Patrick loves working at Riverwood Cabins. He and his wife Mary June are blessed with four kids (two girls, and two boys)! Patrick is a family man who is passionate about faith, family, food, and friendships, and he loves to get away to the cabin several times each year.

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