Log cabin kits made simple.

Riverwood Modular Log Cabins vs. Log Cabin Kits

Building a log cabin from scratch can seem like a long, involved process. But it really shouldn’t be. Log cabin kits may help to make things quicker and easier, but our prefab log cabins make it even easier. We make things less stressful for you so that you can start living in and making memories in your cabin as soon as possible.

One of the advantages of working with our prefab cabins over log cabin kits is that you’re in direct contact with us and you don’t have to do any of the hard work.

You don’t have to go through a company to purchase the kit or wait for it to arrive to assemble. The only thing you’re responsible for is making sure the foundation is set, and plumbing and electricity are connected once the prebuilt cabin is delivered. This way of doing things not only simplifies the process; it also translates to direct savings to you.

Prebuilt log cabins are designed to be efficient. Our cabins are built in a manufacturing plant, inside an entirely controlled environment. Afterward, the cabin is sent to your location, where it’s anchored to your foundation. And it doesn’t take long.

One last thing about our beautiful log cabin homes that should put your mind at ease: each one of our Certified Modular Homes is inspected in our factories, ensuring that it meets current building codes. The homes are specifically certified for each state that they are sent to.

5 Log Cabin Styles

You aren’t stuck with a one-size-fits-all design when it comes to choosing one of our log cabins. Several styles are available with different floor plans and square feet options.

Log Cabins by Riverwood Cabins

The Homestead

Featuring a steep roof and two A-frame dormer windows on the front portion of the roof, the Homestead is a one-and-a-half story cabin. It also has a dormer window in the back, this one with a flat shed roof, which allows for additional height in the bedrooms upstairs.

If you’re looking for a classic style, the Homestead is for you, thanks to its Cape Cod design. Inside, you’ll find an open floor plan and plenty of natural light, thanks to its many wide windows. Outside, there’s a large front porch.

The Homestead is ideal for areas that see a lot of snowfall since it has a steep roof. Snow slides quickly off of the roof.

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The Riverwood

Perfect for relaxing weekend trips or as a year-round, the Riverwood is a favorite style of log cabin. Inside the ranch style cabin are bedrooms at opposite ends of the home. A vaulted ceiling creates a feeling of spaciousness. Outside is a front porch with a reverse gable roof overhead, perfect for hanging out and socializing well into the evening.

Our namesake cabin, the Riverwood has been one of our top selling models for years.

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Riverwood Cabins - The Riverwood
Riverwood Cabins - The Sportsman

The Sportsman

Rugged and handsome, the Sportsman model is a go-to choice for people looking for a hunting cabin, lodge or a rustic vacation home. It’s also a good pick for people looking to build a small home of their own, except we do the building.

One of our more affordable models, the Sportsman makes it easy to live the cabin life, even if you’re on a tight budget. It’s practical and efficient with a classic “log cabin” look. Although it’s just a single story, the inside of the cabin feels much larger, thanks to the vaulted ceiling.

Outside, a front porch completes the rustic look and adds to the cabin’s traditional appeal. Whether you’re looking for a classic cabin for hunting or fishing trips or want to live in an affordable home you can truly call your own: The Sportsman is the best prebuilt log cabin for you.

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The Legacy

While cozy small cabins have their place, sometimes, you need a bit more space. Enter the Legacy Log Cabin. It’s one of our bigger models, with two to four bedrooms available.

The Legacy has an A-frame roof with steeply sloping sides. Inside is a vaulted ceiling, located above the living space. The high ceiling creates the feel of a relaxing ski lodge. It also allows for large windows, which let in plenty of light, making the Legacy the ideal cabin for a vacation home.

In the bedrooms, flat dormer windows mean that no one has to duck to stand up comfortable.

Outside of the cabin, there’s the option for a large wrap around porch, so that you can enjoy plenty of space to hang out with friends and family on a summer or winter evening.

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Riverwood Cabins - Legacy Cabin Plans
Riverwood Cabins - The Weekender Cabin Plan

The Weekender

The Weekender cabin is a flexible style that looks just as good nestled in the woods or a mountainous area as it does at the shore. The cabin gets its name because it’s meant to be the perfect spot to relax and unwind during a weekend adventure.

A single-story cabin, the Weekender can have between two and three bedrooms. The bedrooms are located in the corners of the home, ensuring that everyone who stays in the cabin has the right amount of privacy to allow for full rest.

Outside of the cabin, a porch, tucked into one corner, provides an ideal spot to chill out on a relaxing day.

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Benefits of Our Prebuilt Log Cabins vs. Log Cabin Kits

If you’re considering buying a log cabin kit, you should weigh your options before choosing your home. For permanent residences or vacation homes, there are plenty of advantages and benefits to purchasing one of our prebuilt log cabins instead of purchasing cheap log cabin kits. Among the benefits are:

  • No Building Required on Your Part. Don’t worry. Unlike typical log cabin kits, our prefab cabins are built for you before they are delivered to your cabin site. Because there’s no building necessary on your part, it eliminates the risks of errors. Building log cabin kits yourself if you are not a professional or carpenter can be tricky and easy to make mistakes.
  • We Build Our Cabins Quickly. Let’s get real. Many homeowners have started DIY projects to spruce up their house and end up not having the time to finish them. Thanks to us there will be no more unfinished projects. Our cabins are built in a factory and delivered to your site. The assembly time frame is typically 2 weeks or less! Our lead times for the factory build vary a bit depending on the season, but you can contact our sales team today for an accurate estimate for your state.
  • Customizable Design. Do you need a tiny house or a more significant space? Are you looking for one bedroom or four, do you want one or more stories? As detailed above, Riverwood log cabins come in several styles, and each style has some customization options. That means you can have a cabin built that meets your exact needs.
  • Affordable Price. Small cabin kits might seem less expensive than our already-constructed homes, but our cabin styles can fit into your budget, no matter how big or small. If you already own your land or are looking to buy it, the cost of our prebuilt cabins will make sense and be worth it.
  • Energy Efficient. Before you consider log-cabin kits vs. a prebuilt log cabin home, one of the most important things you need to consider is the cost of heating and cooling. Log home kits typically provide just one layer of protection from the weather (and critters outside), which is the actual logs themselves. However, our prebuilt log cabins have multiple layers of protection which include: the exterior log siding, plywood sheathing covered with Tyvek® house wrap, a 2×6 framed wall filled with fiberglass insulation, plus another layer of pine walls on the interior. These additional layers provide the ultimate protection from the elements and allows you to heat and cool your cabin much quicker!

Disadvantages of Log Cabin Kits

There are some drawbacks to building with prefab cabin kits. Often, with the right amount of advanced planning and a commitment to keeping the cabin in great shape, the disadvantages turn out not to be such a problem after all.

  • Getting the Log Cabin Kit On-site Can Be Difficult. The more remote your land is, the more challenging it can be to get the log cabin kit to it. You can avoid any issues on delivery day by making sure that there are a clear route and plan for getting the pieces to the land. You might also want to work directly with the manufacturer of the kit to make sure that the parts are sized right for transporting to the building site.
  • Log Cabin Kits Can Be Difficult to Put Together. When you buy a log cabin kit, you might be dealing with an IKEA furniture purchase on a large scale. You could find yourself wondering what goes where or how to decipher the nearly incomprehensible directions. Because our log cabins are already assembled before they arrive on-site by a professional crew who know precisely they are doing, it’s even better than a log cabin kit and have the potential to save you money in the long-term.
  • Designs aren’t “fully” custom. Although you do have plenty of say in the features and style of a log cabin kit and often have the option of choosing its size, working with a kit isn’t the same as building and designing your cabin from scratch. For many people, that is completely OK. But if you’ve long dreamed of creating your own log cabin, starting with nothing but a picture in your head, a log cabin kit might not be right for you.
  • Cabins need maintenance. It might go without saying that all homes, from log cabins to the most modern of condos, need some maintenance. The maintenance your log cabin needs might be a bit different from what you’re used to. But as long as you’re prepared for the specific needs and maintenance levels of a log cabin, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Financing and Paying for Our Prebuilt Cabin vs. Cheap Log Cabin Kits

Another thing to consider when looking into log cabin kits for sale is how you’ll pay for the kit or what funding options are available. Some traditional mortgage lenders don’t understand what log cabin kits are and tend to shy away from making loans to pay for them. That can make it challenging to get the financing you need to pay for your new vacation home or primary residence.

But the good news is, you have other options if you’re looking to finance one of our cabins.

One is to use the home equity from your primary residence to cover the costs of a cabin. If you’ve paid off your current home or have built up a considerable amount of equity in it over the years, taking out a home equity loan can be a viable option.

Unlike log home kits, with our cabins, you can get a traditional mortgage and with our preferred lender. At Riverwood, we have established relationships with credible lenders that have prior experience in helping customers finance our modular log cabins.

Another option is to take out a construction loan, which is designed specifically for projects that involve building a new home.

The important thing is to find a lender who understands what your goal is and who can help you choose the best loan for your project and needs.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that you might not even have to borrow money to cover the cost of your log cabin. Some of our log cabins are so affordable and so well-priced that many people can pay cash (well, able to write a check) to pay for the cabin in full.

If you don’t quite have the cash to pay for your log cabin project in full, another option is to share the cost of the home with friends or relatives. Splitting the cost can be particularly useful if you’re going to be using the cabin as a vacation home. You’ll be able to switch off spending time at the cabin and can even split the costs of maintaining it.

What to Look for in a Log Cabin Home

Once you’ve decided that a log cabin is in your future, either as a vacation home or your main residence, the next step is to find the style and model that works for you.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Fixtures. Did you know that not all log cabin kits contain the fixtures (think plumbing and electric) that make a cabin a home? OK, that might be fine if you’re looking for a truly rustic experience and don’t mind not having things like lights and flushable toilets. But for the rest of us, a home that makes it easy to install plumbing and electric is a must. Otherwise, you have to pay extra to get those things.
  • Quality materials. Not every log cabin kit manufacturer has the same commitment to quality or uses the same type of materials as the next. Pay attention to what type of wood is used and where it comes from. If protecting the environment is important to you, you’ll also want to focus on cabin kits that are energy efficient.
  • Reasonable time frame. How long will it take before your cabin is entirely built and you’re able to move in and start enjoying it? You don’t want to be waiting for a year or longer to start making memories. Ask about how long it takes to construct the cabin and how long it takes to build the structure once it’s on site. Our cabins take up to 2 weeks to assemble, and from building to delivery to assembly, you could be in your home between 6 and 8 months.
  • Features and options. How do you want the cabin to look inside and out? Are you going for a truly rustic space or are you hoping for a touch of modernity? How many bedrooms will you need, and does it matter if the cabin is one story or more?

Take the First Step

Ready to start making your log cabin dreams a reality? Contact Riverwood Cabins today to learn more about our prebuilt log cabins and to find a home that’s just right for you.