Whether you’re looking to build a little cottage in the wilderness or a grand two-story getaway, we’d love to help you design your own custom floor plans. Here are the things you need to make sure you are thinking about before you get started.

Looking for the perfect log cabin is time-consuming and expensive, right? Especially when relying on a real estate agent to literally get your foot in the door! Plus, it’s nearly impossible to find a log cabin already built to your specs and nestled perfectly in your dream location. Let us help you build your own with some custom log cabin plans instead of hunting for one that doesn’t exist!

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What is the Purpose of Your Log Cabin?

The first concept to consider when developing your log cabin plans is how you plan to use your cabin. Floor plans will differ based on whether you choose to use the cabin as your primary home or vacation home.

Looking to bring your family closer together? Just arrange a vacation or holiday getaway at your cozy family cabin. Log cabins make excellent multipurpose vacation homes. Their classic look and feel transport you back in time as soon as you pull up the drive, to the old days when life was simpler, more family focused.

Spending time in the middle of nowhere is an excellent way to unwind and, in some cases, regain your sanity. Private getaways are perfect for bachelorette or bachelor parties, couples retreats, or even a romantic weekend with your partner.

If you’re looking for a safe haven for hunting season, start developing your log cabin plans now. Consider the number of people joining you, how long you’ll be there, and your needs vs. wants. If you plan to have just a few guys, consider including a simple loft with a set or two of bunk beds.

Log Cabin Plans Blueprint Work Table

What to Include in Your Log Cabin Plans

Before beginning the construction process, you need to sketch out a floor plan for your log cabin. But designing log cabin plans can be a challenge. There’s much to consider when developing ideas for your new space.

How Many Rooms Should Your Log Cabin Have?

The square footage and number of rooms a building needs should first be based on how many people will occupy the structure at any given time.

A single bathroom is ideal for up to three people. Consider adding a half bath with a walk-in shower if you have four to six people. If your cabin will be used as a group vacation home, you may want to include two full bathrooms in your floor plan prints.

How many bedrooms do you need? If you have three kids, you may want each to have their own bedroom if you plan to use the cabin as your new dwelling, but four bedrooms take up a lot of square feet. If it’s a vacation home, two of your kids can share a bedroom and one kid can have their own while you occupy the master bedroom suite, reducing the square footage and cost of your getaway. After all, you’ll only be there for a week or two at most, right?

Master suites and guest bedrooms also work well for small couples retreats. You and your partner can go off grid with two of your favorite couples (or more, if your living space allows) and host a weekend of games, homemade meals, laughs, and more.

A loft is one of the most versatile and attractive features of log cabins and other homes. From a workspace to an open play area to store an extra bed or two, this open second-floor room adds a world of possibilities to your log cabin. Lofts are also much easier to heat than closed bedrooms if you plan to use a fireplace. When considering a loft, you’re only as limited as your imagination.

Kitchen cabinet and counter space should also be included in your log cabin plans. Supply and utensil storage capacity can be estimated by how long you’ll occupy the cabin, the type of food you’ll make and serve, and how many people stay at a time. If your new cabin is miles away from the “local” grocery store or if you don’t frequent restaurants during your vacation, more kitchen storage would be helpful.

And don’t forget the closet space! you’ll need a place to store coats, cleaning supplies, linens, games, and more, so be sure to incorporate plenty of closets into your floor plan drawing, as well.

How Many Stories Should Your Log Cabin Be?

The size of your cabin should be based on its purpose and the average number of people who will lodge there at any given time.

Is your log cabin going to be a vacation home? A two-story prefab log cabin with a custom floor plan may be the most stylish and efficient choice for a summer hideaway.

The traditional southern ranch-style log cabin is ideal for small families interested in a new home. Here, you can live like a pioneer. Enhance this single-story option with a basement for extra storage and washer and dryer units.

Natural Light for Your Cabin

Your windows should be strategically placed throughout your cabin plans in order to let in the most natural light. This helps to save energy and electricity while keeping the interior temperature cool during warmer days. It also helps you better enjoy the view from your cabin. Whether you’re surrounded by woods or your soon-to-be new cabin will be built near the lakeside, windows will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature while safe indoors.

Exterior Features for Your Log Cabin Plans

Another way to enhance the look and feel of your new log cabin is to incorporate a porch into your log cabin plans. Want to get even more elaborate with your rustic design? Make it even more attractive with a large wrap around porch! This addition to your prefabricated or modular log cabin offers more opportunities for outdoor entertainment, whether it’s enjoying the view with an early morning coffee as the sun comes up or grilling with friends on a gorgeous summer afternoon.

Also, consider including a garage to your lot plans to add even more value to your property. Use it as extra storage space or another place to park your car.

How to Build a Log Cabin

It just makes sense to build your own cabin, right? You’re sketching out floor plans and begin to visualize a model in your mind. But building a cabin isn’t another DIY project.

Riverwood Cabins - Weekender Cabin Set Construction

Obtaining Building Permission for a Log Cabin

After creating the floor plan sketch, you may need to get permission from the local municipality or township for adding a log cabin to your land. Make sure you follow all required procedures and laws for the residential building permit process, even if you’re ordering a prefab log cabin and not building from scratch.

The cabin advisors of Riverwood Cabins can help you find and meet your local building requirements.

Choosing the Right Foundation for a Log Cabin

Getting back to how you’ll use your log cabin, you need to choose the right foundation for your log cabin. Choose from a full basement, crawl space, or concrete slab foundation.

If it’s a holiday or vacation home, you likely won’t need a basement. You can settle for a crawl space or slab foundation. But if you’re drawing up log cabin plans for a new house, a basement may be your best option.

One of the greatest benefits of building a log cabin is how easy it is to scale when needed. If your family is growing, you can expand your log home from the ground up by hiring professional builders to construct an addition.

Let Riverwood Cabins Handle Your Log Cabin Planning

When you work with Riverwood Cabins, you can choose from over 80 log cabin plans – we have a floor plan for every family! With all the custom options available, you can create a cabin unique to your family’s needs that will help you build lasting memories for decades.

We make buying log cabins online more affordable, and we take care of the heavy lifting with free delivery and assembly throughout the country. With five main types of log cabins, over 80 floor plans, and more than 35 years of business experience, we help you find the right log cabin layout and design for your family.

Standard log cabin kits seem to take forever to arrive and are a nuisance to deliver, and then you’re stuck assembling the kit yourself. At Riverwood Cabins, each craftsman helps to create your cabin in a safe environment. Then our pros can deliver and assemble it in two weeks or less depending on the area you live in.

Riverwood Cabins offers a variety of customization options, so you can design your home away from home to match your family’s style. We have various finishes of composite decking, cabinetry, and even countertop choices.

And who could forget about the classic hardwood floor! A log cabin isn’t complete without a hardwood floor, so we offer a modern touch to a classic tradition with five hard wood and five vinyl plank flooring designs.

What style roof do you like best? Will you go with a cabin that features a cape cod roof or an a-frame? Top off your design with a metal or shingle roof in any of five colors.

Want to take a look inside? Visit our gallery for photos of log cabins. We’ve got pictures of cabins from every angle. We offer competitive prices, too.

Our price per square foot includes delivery and setup, and we’ve even partnered with a bank that specializes in financing for prefabricated and modular log cabins!

Build your dream cabin from frame to finish with Riverwood Cabins. Contact one of our awesome cabin advisors to start customizing your log cabin today.

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