Pre built cabins are becoming more and more popular as cabin enthusiasts discover the benefits of having a cabin built in the secure controlled environment of a cabin shop.

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Why pre built cabins vs. a site built cabin?

Pre built cabins have a number of advantages over site built log homes or kits. The biggest advantage is that they are built in the controlled environment of a factory. Rain, snow, wind and other weather factors can wreak havoc on a construction site during the building process. With a pre-built cabin from Riverwood Cabins, even a large cabin can be factory built in a controlled environment.

A site built cabin might get wet during the construction process. The sub floor and other structural members can get rained on or snowed on before the roof is on. This can lead to warping, cracking, or even worse – mold. Mold can be a real irritant, causing health problems over the long term. Mold remediation costs thousands of dollars and often requires harsh chemicals or even renovation of the space. Not exactly the way you want to live in your dream cabin!

Another advantage you enjoy with a pre built cabin is that you can get your cabin more quickly. Normally, construction can’t begin until the site has been excavated and the foundation built. With a pre built cabin package, a site preparation contractor is preparing your home site while Riverwood Cabins construction crews are already completing your cabin build in the safety and comfort of our construction shop in Himrod, NY. It doesn’t matter if it rains or snows – from the floor joists to the roofing and interior trim the process keeps flowing smoothly.

This reduced construction time means you can expect to start living the cabin life more quickly than you thought possible. In a matter of months you can have a complete cabin for use as a hunting camp, vacation spot, lodge, or even as a full time residence. No more waiting for months until the weather is right to start construction, then crossing your fingers hoping that your contractor gets the building dried in before a storm soaks everything wet.

We are very pleased with our new cabin, everyone loves it! My experience with Riverwood has been excellent! We love the fact that it was pre-built, thanks for the great customer service!

Heide | Mokena, IL

I loved my experience working with the crew at Riverwood. They did a fantastic job. The workmanship is excellent. My family and I will enjoy that lovely cabin for many years to come.

Mary D. | Seneca Lake, NY

Riverwood takes pride in their workmanship and strives to make your every wish a reality. They go above and beyond with every customer. I am loving my new home more every day. Best decision EVER.

Shirley Brutsman

Your Pre Built Cabin

Your pre-built cabin is perfect for a number of uses:

Hunting Camp

A hunting camp is a place you go to get away from the pressures of life. The last thing you need when building a hunting cabin is stress and problems, which make the ease and convenience of a pre built cabin a good fit.

Mountain Retreat

When you head to the mountains you’re leaving civilization for a while. Having your cabin pre built and delivered to a remote location solves a lot of problems. You don’t need or want truckloads of raw materials delivered to a remote mountain retreat and sit outside in the weather for weeks during the construction process.

Lakeside Cottage

A modular or pre built cabin can be configured so that it looks much more like a small cottage than a large cabin. Choosing lap siding instead of log siding creates a cottage look that is right at home along a lake. A quick and easy construction process means more time out on the boat, and less time sweating the details.

Full Time Residence

Living the cabin life as a full time endeavor will make you the envy of many of your friends. The restful rejuvenating lifestyle you get with a cabin makes for easy memory making with friends and family. A pre built cabin can be configured as a four or five bedroom cabin that is delivered in multiple modules, so you’re not limited to a tiny house.

Vacation Rental

Cabins as vacation rentals allow you to share the beauty of cabin living with others, and lets you build your nest egg along the way. Why not let your guests pay your mortgage? Certified Modular log cabins remove any questions about meeting building codes. You can have your vacation rental business up and running in short order due to the quick building process of a pre built cabin.

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Nationwide Delivery

Every state in the country approves of pre built cabins if they are built to the proper codes, and undergo the required inspection process. Delivering a pre built cabin in Alaska might be cost prohibitive if it’s constructed somewhere in the contiguous 48 states, but every other state is in play. Residents of Hawaii can have pre built cabin modules delivered by boat, believe it or not. With the high cost of delivering packages of raw materials to Hawaii, this approach is actually pretty appealing.

From Washington to Florida and Arizona to Maine, having your cabin built in a shop and delivered to your site is an economical and smart choice. The process for delivering a cabin to Canada is a longer process, but may still make sense depending on your situation.

The Institute for Building Technology and Safety provides info about Modular and Pre Built Homes on a state by state basis here.

Do I Need a Permit for My Pre Built Cabin?

The answer varies depending on your local government requirements. If you’ll be using your cabin as a full time residence, in many areas you will need to get a permit. The permit process is described in more detail on our page ‘How It Works: Permit Process’.

Fortunately, the permit process is made easy due to the fact that our pre built cabins are built to International Building Codes that exceed local requirement. Our modular cabin advisers have helped hundreds of people get their permits for their cabins, and can make the process painless for you.

The Riverwood Cabins Advantage

The biggest advantage you’ll enjoy with a pre-built cabin from Riverwood Cabins is that we are responsible for the process from design and sales, through the delivery and setup of your cabin. Some companies outsource everything – even construction of the cabin. Not Riverwood! Our pre-built cabins are constructed in our own shop by expert craftsmen. Our trucks and our drivers deliver your cabin, and our crew completes the installation. This approach reduces the chances of miscommunications or problems.

If you have any questions before, during or after the building process, don’t hesitate to contact a Cabin Sales Advisor.

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