Small cabins are bucolic, cozy nooks in the heart of nature for millions of Americans. Whether they’re nestled deep in the mountains, a stone’s throw from a lake, down by a river or in walking distance to an ocean, these getaways are magical places where people come for peace or adventure.

If you’re looking to enjoy the kind of quiet that comes in the thick of nature and away from the blare of city life or if you’re wanting active mornings and afternoons in the backyard of your wild space, trust that small cabins can give you the perfect experience for rest and recreation.

For many, small log cabins often serve as weekend or vacation locations. Some, however, captivated by the magnetizing force of nature, find they prefer their small cabin over their traditional home and wind up making a permanent move to enjoy living in their treasured space year round.

How Many Will Your Small Cabin Accommodate?

Named after the 65 Million American sportsmen who inspire us, this cabin captures the essence of the courageous and adventurous spirit lived out by all sportsmen and women.

Spending time picturing yourself and your family enjoying deeply fulfilling days and nights in a small cabin can evoke wonderful feelings as you prepare for the special day when your dream destination becomes a reality.

Now’s the best time to carefully consider whether your small cabin will serve as solely a weekend and/or vacation property or whether there’s any chance—even an outside chance—you might wish to make a full-time residence out of this home one day such as during your retirement years.

How much space will you need in your small cabin? Small cabins range in size and number of bedrooms, with some offering loft space for additional sleeping quarters and storage space. Will members of your extended family or even friends join you in your small cabin?

Some choose to future-proof their small log cabins as much as possible by choosing to invest in sizes or models offering slightly more space than they think they need. Some do this to account for their own or family members’ and friends’ unborn children, for example, or to make room for guests such as friends they might not anticipate at the moment. Some also do this in case they might one day require more storage space, especially if there’s a chance they might make their small cabin their primary residence.

Getting crystal clear on how many rooms and how much space your small cabin will require will help you feel satisfied with your property for decades into the future!

Where Can I Buy Small Log Cabins Online?

Riverwood Cabins - The Riverwood

When you’re ready to pursue the purchase of a small cabin, you might discover that options abound, especially in the internet age. The marketplace for small log cabins is rich with basic designs as well as elaborate designs—not to mention a galaxy of choices to make when it comes to floor plans.

Riverwood Cabins can make your purchase of a small cabin easy and enjoyable. Riverwood Cabins not only prides itself on an extraordinary collection of high-quality, ruggedly handsome small cabins but in building, delivering and assembling its units to customers’ locations. Riverwood Cabins customers will also benefit from having access to special lender that’s helped hundreds of customers land loans to finance their small cabins, solving an issue many prospective buyers face.

Finally, when you purchase a small cabin through Riverwood Cabins, you’ll stand to save, on average, 30 percent less compared with buying through a middleman. Because we sell directly to customers, we’re able to keep our prices down in comparison with marketplace prices.

Riverwood Cabins has produced magnificently built small cabins since 2006, although the company’s founders have a history dating back to 1983, when Woodtex, the sister company of Riverwood Cabins, launched. Woodtex has grown to become an industry-leading manufacturer of sheds, garages and outdoor living items such as gazebos, pavilions, pergolas. Riverwood Cabins was founded to meet the soaring demand for log cabins, fueled partially by the ballooning popularity of tiny-house and small-house living.

Riverwood Cabins Builds, Delivers and Assembles Five Models of Small Cabins

Riverwood Cabins sells five models—the Homestead, Legacy, Riverwood, Sportsman and Weekender—of expertly constructed log cabin modular homes. Riverwood Cabins offers 80 total floor plans across these five models.

Folks looking for small log cabins might start off browsing the Sportsman. Charming and efficient, this ultra-affordable model can be the ideal small cabin for those craving cabin life even while on a tight budget. The single-story Sportsman comes in sizes with one to three bedrooms, in sizes ranging from 390 to 1,334 feet. The Sportsman features a covered gable porch the classic small log cabin stripped-down cabin look and feel. This log cabin model is popular among hunting and fishing camps and at various vacation getaways such as camping grounds. As the minimalism movement gains team, more and more are seeing the Sportsman as the perfect small home.

The ranch-style Weekender is a small cabin model that’s long been a favorite selection for families desiring a weekend retreat. Whether your small cabin will go near a lake, river or shore point or tucked away in the mountains, the Weekender is bound to cast a spell on its inhabitants. Coming in sizes from 660 to 1,376 square feet, the Weekender’s floor plans cleverly place two or three bedrooms in the corners to allow for large windows. This is especially helpful if your small cabin will be placed in a picturesque setting, lending phenomenal views from anywhere on your property. The Weekender also features a deep corner porch running 4 or 6 feet in width.

For those requiring some more space in their small cabins, the Riverwood offers floor plans with two or three bedrooms and 792 to 1,508 square feet. The Riverwood is a ranch-style model and has earned the distinction of being Riverwood Cabins’ most-popular model over many years. Customers appreciate this model’s efficient layout and roomy reverse-gable covered porch, which extends out from the cabin’s center. The Riverwood is a favorite in river and lake locales and comes with a stunning vaulted ceiling that lifts the energy in the ample-sized living room.

Riverwood Cabins’ Legacy model represents a huge bump up in space compared with the smallest floor plans of the ultra-efficient Sportsman and modest Sportsman and Weekender models. Offering 1,600 to 2,305 square feet, the Legacy is perfect for a mountainside cabin. Its striking steep A-frame roof, beautifying the cathedral great room, brings to mind a luxurious ski lodge. The Legacy can be outfitted with two to four bedrooms, and large windows invite in the glowing, warming sunlight. The Legacy is a hit among ski lodges and cabin owners requiring more space than traditional small log cabins. It is built to withstand heavy snowfall.

Small cabins can mean different sizes for everyone, and for those wanting additional space for large or even extended families, the Homestead might be just the ticket. The Homestead is a one-and-a-half-story log cabin that a massive front porch and scores of beautiful windows. This Cape Cod-style model also includes a steep roof and twin A-frame dormers that punctuate the front side of the roof plus a flat shed dormer in the back that provides extra height in the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. This model comes in spacious floor plans, running 1,791 to 2,726 square feet and with two to five bedrooms. If you require a cabin built to handle large snowstorms, the Homestead is an attractive option.

Get an Inside Look at Riverwood Cabins

Create Custom Small Cabins with Riverwood Cabins

Riverwood Cabins’ small log cabins come with a wide range of standard and customizable options. For starters, you can choose among three kinds of siding: Log Siding, Board and Batten or LP® Smartside Lap Siding. Next up, Log Siding and Board and Batten are available in five rich colors such as country cedar and mushroom, with LP® Smartside Lap Siding available in four colors, including chestnut brown and mahogany.

Riverwood Cabins features metal roofs and shingle roofs, each coming in five colors, for its log cabin homes. Take your pick from among black, green, red or shades of brown and gray. Cabinets are available in hickory and maple, and flooring is offered in vinyl plank or hardwood, each in five different colors, including antique java, midnight slate and siena stone.

Walls come standard with a clearcoat pine finish, but some upgrade to a bright and appealing whitewash finish. Finally, these small cabins can be ordered with vintage cabin corners, with logs gracefully jutting out to complete the throwback look.

See Riverwood Cabins’ Construction Process for Small Cabins

Riverwood Cabins’ Small Cabins Are Well-Built and Energy Efficient

Just as with Woodtex’s durable sheds and garages, Riverwood Cabins’ small log cabins are crafted using only the best materials and with soundness and stability in mind. You can trust that Riverwood Cabins’ products will withstand nature’s elements.

It’s also comforting to know that Riverwood Cabins’ products are more energy efficient than traditional log homes despite whether you select Log Siding or LP® Smartside Lap Siding, with a 50-year warranty and termite protection. Walls are built with exterior wood siding, Tyvek® house wrap, plywood sheathing, 2×6 framed walls with fiberglass insulation and an extra layer of pine walls on the interior. This combination instills these small cabins with maximum heating and cooling capabilities.

All Riverwood Cabins’ small log cabins are built in a covered environment to prevent any weather damage to the structures. They can even be delivered nationwide and fully installed in only one to two weeks.

If you’re still undecided on which among Riverwood Cabins’ five models to choose, feel free to call the company to speak to friendly and helpful customer service representatives. They’d be pleased to guide you in simplifying your decision about which small cabin is perfect for you!

Financing Options Are Available for Riverwood Cabins’ Small Cabins

Prospective customers can often run into hurdles while attempting to lock down financing for their small cabins. Many choose to initially do business with local lenders, many of whom don’t specialize in loans for log cabins. Because of this, Riverwood Cabins has removed these barriers so you can live out your cabin life soon!

All Riverwood Cabins customers may benefit from financing options through our relationship with a bank specializing in construction lending and home mortgages for modular and prefabricated small cabins.

Riverwood Cabins’ preferred lender team enjoys simplifying the lending process to our customers and is able to explore any deal and develop solutions to make financing work. Our preferred lender and its friendly representatives are equipped to find resolution, having already worked with Riverwood Cabins on hundreds upon hundreds of loans.

Your other options to finance your small cabin include taking out a home equity loan. You may also consider teaming up with family or friends on the cost of a small cabin, dramatically reducing the cost. Lastly, if you have the funds, you can also simply write a personal check.

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