The 29×52 Riverwood

Below is our new Riverwood Display Cabin at our Sales Center in Himrod, NY! It has 1,508 square feet with 3 BR and 2 Baths. Let’s take a look around…

3 Reasons It’s So Popular

What makes The Riverwood so popular you might ask? There are a number of features that could make this the modular, pre-built cabin of choice for so many Riverwood Cabin customers, but three things really stand out:

1. Style

The Riverwood is a ranch style cabin, which means it can fit into most building settings with ease. The reverse gable porch that extends out the front of the cabin adds style, and exterior living space. A lot of people like that the porch doesn’t cut into the floor plan, but instead adds a covered outdoor space they can enjoy with their families.

2. Price

The pricing for the Riverwood falls right in the middle of our range. It’s the Goldilocks cabin if you will . Not too big and costly, not too small or cheap… It’s just right! Pricing is attractive, and competitive with other styles of homes in this size.

3. Flexibility

There are several different floor plan options for the 29 x 52 Riverwood, so you can choose a floor plan that meets your needs exactly. A big spacious kitchen and dining area anchor the center of the cabin, and the bedrooms are at both ends, making for a perfect setting for entertaining guests or hosting your family.

Watch How We Install this Cabin!

This 29×52 Riverwood Cabin is built with LP Lap Siding, which makes it feel more like a traditional home!

Pricing and More Details

To learn more about The Riverwood or to find pricing, check out this page. To view pricing, scroll down the page to the pricing calculator. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you Make Memories!

Paul Farmer

About Paul Farmer

Paul oversees all of the brand strategy and marketing for Riverwood Cabins. He was drawn to Riverwood Cabins because of his love of nostalgia and creating great memories. Paul loves to spend his time outside of work golfing, traveling, cooking, and making memories with his family.


  • Avatar Dawn says:

    Could you tell me how much your Riverwood 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom 29×52 would cost. Just a rough estimate..please

  • Avatar Anthony Roman says:

    I would like to know the price on your 29×52 cabin, my number is 786 527 0123 call me after 2pm and I would also like to know if you build them in Tennessee.

  • Avatar Maria DePalma says:

    The Riverwood Cabin is a dream home….just what I would love to live in year round….but I have some questions….first off since it is entirely made of wood…what about termites….or is the wood permanently treated to prevent that from happening…or is that part of the owner’s maintenance and if so how often would it ave to be done. The furniture is included and same with Kitchen Appliances and Washer and Dryer. What about the land? How does that work? And of course the price…the all important factor here. While I am far from ready to even venture into this now…I would like to know the particulars.

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Thank you Maria we agree! Carol should be reaching out to you with more details and answers to your questions if she hasn’t already!

  • Avatar jenni condra says:

    how much would this cost complete? how many square feet?

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Hey Jenni – this model is just over 1,500 square feet. We have plans up to nearly 3,000 square feet. I’ll have Carol reach out to you with some pricing as soon as possible. Thanks!

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Hey Connie – Himrod, NY is in the Finger Lakes region of NY on Seneca Lake. About an hour and a half from Rochester.

  • Avatar Ava says:

    I would like to know the cost via email and is this something available in Maryland. What is the delivery charge?

    Thank you

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Thanks for your reply, Ava. Yes, we ship nationwide. I’ll have Carol contact you as soon as possible with details on pricing.

  • Avatar Eric Miller says:

    Whats a rough estimate of pricing on your Riverwood to see if its even close to my price point, thanks. I’m located in Va.

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Hello Eric! I’ll have Carol get in touch with you asap to answer your questions on pricing. Thanks!

  • Avatar Adam Leonard says:

    Beautiful design! Great job!

  • Avatar Jim Costello says:

    What would the cost be if I wanted to put this on some land in South Carolina?

    Thank you

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Hey Jim – thanks for the question. Carol will touch base with you to help you with your pricing question.

  • Avatar Kathy Garman says:

    Interested in knowing more, my plans are still 1 to 2 yrs out. I want to know if the interior can be changed, such as different counter tops cabinets, and flooring to start. Please email me. Thank you

  • Avatar Sherri says:

    Can you send me a catelog with all the details on cost,maintainance, and shipping to Upper penninsula
    Michigan.Around Naubinway area.

  • Avatar Paula Dunlevy says:

    Please give me a price on the Riverwood cabin asap

  • Avatar Sheila Prince says:

    My dream vacation home is a log cabin in the southern tier of NY (about 1 1/2 hrs from Rochester.) Do you do all the installation including basement or slab, electrical, plumbing, etc. or would I have to contract them out separately. Looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Also, what is the maintenance on a log cabin. I heard they attract termites, bees, ants and mice???? Can you send me a catalog and pricing?

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Hey Sheila – thanks for writing in! That’s awesome, your dream. We would love to help you design the cabin of your dreams!

      As far as the basement, electrical, plumbing, etc – we will work with your local contractor to get all of that in place and ready for us to drop your finished cabin.

      In reference to the bugs and pests – that’s actually one of the benefits of a Riverwood Cabin. We use an engineered log siding, made to look like real logs. If you ever have any issue with termites, bugs or pests, the cannot inhabit your home like they can a complete log cabin. It’s very easy to treat any of these with a professional termite or pest control company.

      I will have Carol touch base with you and send you pricing and a brochure!

      Thanks again for the message!

  • Do you make and deliver to Tampa Fl

  • Avatar Star says:

    Do you have kits is this what this is can we finish the inside ourself….. Is this like rent to own…..

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Thanks for the message Star! We do not provide kits, we deliver the cabin in modules and our Riverwood Cabins on-site construction team finishes the cabin in 2 days to 2 weeks time. And Yes, you can purchase a cabin shell and finish the interior yourself. And No, we do not provide Rent to Own on our Riverwood Cabins.

  • Avatar Dennis Thornton says:

    Id like to have pricing and home details, northern Delaware delivery.

  • Avatar Dena Siemer says:

    What kind of heating and cooling and hot water systems comes with your cabins?

    • A regular hot water heater comes with it. As far as heating/cooling it can be electric baseboard heat or we can provide the duct work for a local contractor to install and a fireplace is also an option.

  • Avatar Delisa says:

    I just want to know how much cost 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom and living room n kitchen front porch and back porch

  • Avatar Clifford Underhill says:

    Very nice!
    I just have a few questions, would we be responsible for paint schemes (interior design), are the porches extra, and would we be responsible for the AC/heat ?

  • Avatar Jessica says:

    I would like a catalog or brochure in the different floor plans and pricing for having a home built in Western North Carolina. Different color choices and interior options as well please!!!
    Thank you,

  • Avatar Faith Sisk says:

    I stopped by and looked at this cabin and love it but I’m thinking something smaller, I love the whole concept and will be getting in touch! Thanks, Faith

  • Avatar Margaret Lyness says:

    I would like to get an idea of the price on the 1508 square foot 29′ x 52′ model. The exact floor plan lay out that is shown in the video on this page is exactly what we r looking for. My zip code is 14486. I live in Linwood, NY area. If u could email ms back that would be great.

  • Avatar Lisa williams says:

    I love the cabins I want an upstairs and more kitchen cabinets and more counter space 4 bedrooms And did u say that. You did land deals I have a Acre and a half I want to start doing something in April thank you for keeping in touch

  • Avatar Celetha Wright says:

    I love this home it’s exactly what I want only 2 bedrooms and 2bathrooms. Just not sure if I could afford something this beautiful.

  • Avatar Christine says:

    Can you please send me an email with the base price of the different styles of cabins and also do you make them a little smaller along a guest cottage style as well? Not needing a lot of room

  • Avatar Jim says:

    I’d like pricing on this in north east tax by the Arkansas border

  • Avatar mary says:

    am looking at purchasing some land in Wyoming—what would cost be for zip 83110—can you choose options like metal roof due to snow in that area?

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Hi Mary! There are a couple of different floor plans for this particular size Riverwood. You can check out our latest pricing for this model on our pricing calculator:

      And yes, you can choose metal or shingles in snowy areas like Wyoming!

      We’d love to speak with you. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-855-522-2465!

  • Avatar Joe Hallum says:

    What kind of R- value do these cabins typically have ? I’m looking for upper WI. where nights can run 40 below zero or more.

    • Paul Farmer Paul Farmer says:

      Hello Joe! We can insulate our cabins to meet any conditions. Basically, we would do a REScheck and insulate your cabin based on your local energy codes. Even 40 below is not a problem 🙂 Please feel free to give us a call at 855-522-2465 and ask to speak with a cabin advisor to discuss further.

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