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Come on in!  Take your shoes off and relax. That’s what you will want to do when you step up to the porch on a Riverwood Homestead Cabin.

The Homestead features an open floor plan on the main floor, with a large shared living space. The kitchen, dining room, and family room create a large open space where your family and friends can relax and enjoy each other’s company. There’s also room for a large master suite on the main floor, creating a private refuge away from the rest of the house.

All that PLUS a large site-built porch out front that provides ample room for relaxing or entertaining and this is the stuff dreams are made of!

The Homestead is:

  • One-and-a-half story
  • One of our larger cabins
  • 2-5 bedrooms
  • 1,791-2,726 Square Feet

To learn more about The Homestead or to find pricing, check out this page.  We look forward to speaking with you and helping you Make Memories in your Homestead Cabin!


I am interested in a Homestead Cabin! Have someone contact me. 

Vicky Reddish

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Vicky joined the Riverwood Cabins team in 2017. As Marketing Coordinator, she executes marketing campaigns and strategies, primarily in the digital space. She loves creating and curating content and finding fun ways to engage customers on social media - and to do it as a "job" - it just doesn't get any better. She’s also an artist and loves taking photos. Vicky lives in the heart of Nashville with her husband, Michael.


  • Avatar kevin J Mc Carthy says:


    Happy new year firstly.

    I mailed you some time ago with a query as to whether one of your log cabins could be shipped to Ireland in container format.
    Obviously it inst the norm for you but you may have experienced a sale outside of the US Before.

    Any thoughts please reply at your convenience.

    Regards Kevin J Mc Carthy

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