We love answering questions from our customers!

Here, we have compiled the top 10 Cabin Questions we hear from folks just like you:

Do you build finished cabins or provide log cabin kits? 

We build finished, completed cabins (exterior and interior, as well as porches) and deliver them to your location.  We handle the building, the delivery and the assembly.  You won’t find any log cabin kits here!  You get to own your own cabin, without the hassle of building it!

What will it cost me? 

If you are looking for a cabin with all-wood construction, we are going to be very hard to beat.  A Riverwood Cabin will cost you between $130/$160 per square ft. and it’s turnkey.  A traditional “true log” cabin will cost you $240-$300 square ft.

How do I pay for it? Is this a construction loan or a traditional mortgage?

We are happy to recommend a few options to help you determine the best way to pay for your cabin.  See our Guide to Financing.

Do you service my area?

Most likely! We can deliver and assemble our cabins in 47 different states (excluding California, Alaska, and Hawaii).

Where are you located? 

We have sales centers in Tennessee and New York, where you could visit one of our model cabin displays.  Currently our cabins are built in a controlled environment in our production facilities. We are proud to say all of our Cabins are made in the USA!

Can we customize the floor plan? 

Yes! We have several floor plans that can be customized to fit your needs.  Want to move a wall, make rooms bigger or add a kitchen island? We can make it happen!

What type of maintenance is involved? 

Our most popular option, traditional log siding, is stained on both sides and we caulk every seam! Our log siding provides way less maintenance than a true log cabin, and requires a fresh stain every 5-7 years. We also offer LP® Siding if you prefer a more traditional look on your home with even less maintenance.

What is the lead time to get my cabin delivered and set? 

Our cabins are built in a factory and delivered to your site. Our lead times vary a bit depending on the season, but you can contact our sales team today for an accurate estimate for your state. The assembly time frame once delivered is typically 2 weeks or less!

Will you be able to deliver to my property or what do I need to know when purchasing land? 

We need to have a clearance of 16-18 ft wide and 15 ft tall (a standard size driveway is typically wide enough). Sharp turns? Send us a video of the drive in and we can let you know for sure.

Do you have different finishing options?

Yes! We offer traditional log siding in 5 colors or LP® siding in 4 colors for the exterior. For the interior walls, you can choose between our natural pine or white-washed nickel gap for that farmhouse feel.

Do you have a question for a Cabin Advisor?  

Give us a call at 855-522-2465 or click here to have a cabin advisor contact you!
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