We build cabins, so you can build memories.

We build remarkable cabins where families and friends pursue their passions & make memories together.

Make Memories in a Riverwood Cabin!

Life moves fast, don’t miss it.

They call it the great outdoors for a reason. Life in the fast lane is fine but life with the ones you love, pursuing age old passions… that’s unforgettable. These days, there are millions of gadgets and gizmos grabbing at your wallet with one purpose: to keep you grinding. It’s time you owned something that didn’t end up owning you. A Riverwood Cabin is an investment in what really matters, a purchase that starts to give back the moment you own it.

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A place where dogs run free.

Let’s face it. If your dog could talk he’d let you know while he’s fine with the backyard, what he really wants is some space to roam free. Give man’s best friend the adventure he deserves both inside and out with our open floor plans, oversize porches, and wood-burning fireplaces.

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Relax and rejuvenate.

Living the cabin life is about doing as much…or as little as you wish. It’s spending time with those you love or getting away for some much-needed solitude. Whether you want wild adventures or seek to rejuvenate in quiet, when you step onto the porch of a Riverwood Cabin, you leave the pressures of life behind.

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Create nostalgia now.

While the rest of the world is snapchatting and instagramming, you’ll be creating tangible memories, the kinds that will never go out of style. Spend less time looking for likes and more time collecting undiscovered joys with the people you love.

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Leave the legacy of time well spent.

You’re already a hero to the people you love. Now, give them the gift of memories they’ll never forget. Spend quality time with those that matter most away from the worries and demands of everyday life. You’ll create moments that get talked about long after the sun sets and live on in your family’s hearts forever.

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It’s game time.

Just when you thought hunting couldn’t get any more fun, our Riverwood Cabins come along with features designed to create an unforgettable hunting experience for avid and recreational sportsmen alike.

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